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Top 3: Comic Books That Would Make Great Movies

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There seems to be a weird kind of holiday, or several, actually, on every date in the calendar. And while some of them are silly, weird and simply unnecessary (I mean Root Canal Appreciation Day? C’mon… Where do these ideas even come from?) others aren't: like today. On May 7, we celebrate Free Comic Book Day. This holiday is not about liberating the comic book from its bad reputation or something, as I first thought, although this is part of its purpose, too. Usually, on the first Saturday of May, the comic book industry increases their promotional efforts, for example by launching a new comic book movie, in order to win over a greater fanbase and participating stores give away comics for free. You can check out which on the official freecomicbookday website.

But since we of BSP are neither secret owners of a comic shop, nor do we have any other means of giving away comics for free, we have decided to make another kind of contribution to free comic book day: A Top 3 of Comics That Would Make Great Movies. 

And here they are:

3. Ronin (Frank Miller 1983-1984)

© DC | Source: goodcomics
In feudal Japan, a nameless samurai has sworn to serve his master Lord Ozaki, but fails to protect him from the demon Agat. With Ozaki dead, the young man becomes a ronin, a masterless, honourless warrior without a purpose in life, except to avenge his lord’s death and then follow him into the afterworld. This failed samurai is given a second chance to exact his revenge. Eight centuries later, he finds himself reborn in the body of Billy, a medical experiment, in a futuristic, dystopian New York. He discovers that Agat has been reincarnated as well and searches for his former master’s sword, so the Ronin is determined to find it before him and slay the demon while’s he at it.

Ronin was practically written for the big screen. If done right, it could be turned into an epic saga that leaps in time between 13th Century Japan and 21st Century New York. Throw in some elaborate sword fights, shape-shifting demons, bio-engineering, explosions and a lot of plot twists and you have a movie that I’d definitely like to watch.

2. The Sandman (Neil Gaiman, 1989-2015)

© Vertigo | Source: realitysandwich
The Sandman tells the story of Dream, who goes by various names such as Morpheus, Oneiros, The Dream King, The Shaper of Form and many more. Dream is an Endless, one out of a family of seven. Each of them are named after the concept they represent: Dream, Destiny, Death, Despair, Desire, Destruction and Delirium, who used to be Delight once. At the beginning of the series, Dream is captured by an Edwardian magician, who seeks immortality. He’s kept prisoner for nearly a decade. When he escapes, Dream finds himself in the present day and strives to rebuild his kingdom that has gone to ruins in the wake of his absence.

Talk about a movie adaptation has been going on since the early 90s and now that finally everything seems to have been settled, main actor Joseph Gordon-Lewitt abandons the project due to “creative differences” with New Line Cinema. Let’s still hope that The Sandman will someday (hopefully sooner than later) find its way to the big screen. In the right hands, it could be turned into a grand fantasy spectacle, rich with mythology, horror and an intricate plot line. Plus, we have fantastic beings other than wizards, vampires and whatever else is currently flooding the cinemas and isn’t that something to look forward to? 

1. RASL (Jeff Smith, 2013)

© Jeff Smith | Source: boneville
This one is a personal favourite. RASL tells the story of the dimension travelling art-thief Rasl. On the run from his past as a scientist for the American Defence Department, Robert Johnson aka Rasl transforms from a brutal, broody bad boy to a bad boy who saves the world that happens to be in jeopardy only because of a fault on his part. On his way to becoming a world-saviour, he engages in numerous bloody battles with his nemesis Sal, beds several women, meets God and the president and is either drunk or suffering the consequences from his dimension travelling. He switches in and out of narrations about his personal icon Nikola Tesla or reminisces about his past as a scientist, still with neat hair and clean clothes and an air of innocence about him.

RASL is a wild mix of various different genres like science fiction, noir, adventure, western, mystery epic – you name it. These odd, at times even paradox (a sci-fi western?) combinations, would make for a unique cinematic experience. And as it so happens, RASL is currently in the talks of being developed as a television series by Universal TV. Hooray!

And you know who would be the perfect cast for Rasl? Mr. Reedus! I mean just look at the similarities:
© AMC | Source: favim
© Jeff Smith | Source: alternativemagazineonline

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