Monday, 9 May 2016

Manic Monday: Lost Sock Memorial Day

Urggghh, it's Monday again. A day pretty much dreaded every week of the year, but today - for once - the ever creative calendar of made-up holidays offers some relief. It's Lost Sock Memorial Day and while the occasion seems kind of sad (at least for the socks, to me this whole thing is hilarious) the commemoration is all the more fun: In honor of the lost second halves to the pair proudly wear two different socks today! - You know, for the ones lost and left behind, or the ones that simply vanished in the Bermuda Triangle of washing machines. 

So bring some cheer into your week and don those black and yellows, or dinosaurs and fairies, or stars and stripes. And, if anyone should dare look at you strangely, simply share the joy of this memorial with them. You don't have to be shy about it either: all the cool kids are doing it now:

Zac Efron's mismatching:

Orlando Bloom is doing it:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing his own everyday memorial in honor of his brother:

And then there's the king of all mismatched sock wearers, who was doing it before it was cool and whose collection is one to match and envy:
Matthew Gray Gubler

So use this day to bring some color into your life, get some new socks, and have a great start to the week folks!

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