Monday, 18 April 2016

Manic Monday: Stana's Out and TV Seasons are Ending

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So for today I planned a Manic Monday, that would nicely ring in TV season finale season and May sweeps. But then ABC decided to not renew Stana Katic's and Tamala Jones' contracts on Castle and, well, a nice and excited #MondayMotivation post went out the window... My current mood is perfectly summed up in the picture above. If that reaction is a bit too harsh for you, tough, but maybe this will capture your mood:

I know most of you could probably care less about this rant, but it's been a tough year for leading ladies on television and this just ain't right. Plus Castle was one of my favorite shows and Kate Beckett a character I love and admire dearly. The show's been dwindling and as I said last May that season finale would have been a nice and fitting ending, but no let's just mess with everything and everyone and keep a show on the air that is a mere mockery and shadow of what it once was - that is if Castle is renewed for a 9th season, which today is the first day I am hoping it won't be.

But enough. You came here for your usual Monday fix and your usual you shall have. Here's everything you need to know for the current and next TV season (courtesy of TVLine):

I hope your start to the week was better than mine and just know we appreciate you guys every day! Thanks for bearing with me and have a positive week BSPeeps!

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