Monday, 8 February 2016

Manic Monday: The Disney Cell Block Tango

© Walt Disney | Source: Animation Confabulation

Remember when on a previous Manic Monday we featured the "Cell Block Tango" scene from Chicago to kick off our BSP Chicago Week? Watching those six ladies confess to murder was a perfect introduction to the criminal undertones in Chicagoan history, and it showed us that there are indeed worse things in the world than having to face the start of the week.

So, if you should be on bad terms with today's Monday, let me, once again, remind you of the "Cell Block Tango" and how it proves that your day could in fact be worse. Only this time, the song isn't performed by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mya et al., but by six favourite Disney heroines who just got tired of their male supporting characters... Enjoy!

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