Sunday, 28 February 2016

Award Shows: Oscar Predictions 2016

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Finally, award season is coming to an end. But before we all go back to our everyday routine after months spent in the cinema watching and reviewing potential Oscar winners as well as following campaigns and award frenzy, we get one final treat: Oscar Night. An event abounding with Hollywood stars and wannabes, glorious and not so glorious fashion moments, exciting and not so exciting musical acts and lovely to downright boring acceptance speeches.

But we know what's actually most fun about the film event of the year: the guessing game. We all have our favourite Oscar contenders and would like to see them take home an award or two today. However, there can only be one winner in each category and predicting who'll eventually claim Oscar glory can really spice up any Oscar viewing party.

So if you're in for the game, go here, download our Oscar Ballot and have your guess. In the meantime, we over here at BSP present you with our predictions for the Academy Awards 2016. Will we be right in the end?



Nata Lie

What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below or via social media.

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