Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Scene To Remember: Gene Kelly Singin' in the Rain

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Looking out the window the weather leaves no doubt about what day it is: Umbrella Day. What an exciting entry in the never ending calendar of made up holidays! A day to rejoice and listen to Rihanna all day long.... No, thank you. Instead I opted for another classic, yet more classy umbrella piece: 1952's Singin' in the Rain. To show you there is more to the today's celebrated object than rain protection, have a look at another scene to remember:

This scene not only includes the title song of said motion picture, but summarizes what makes it so great. At the beginning you have the sort of trigger for it all, the true romance between famous movie star Don Lockwood and unknown theater actress Kathy Selden. Despite the glamour sourrounding him, their relationship is honest and loving. They kiss goodbye at her door and - come on - a kiss like that would make any lovebird rejoice, but in 1950s Hollywood it also makes you break out in song and dance! 

Gene Kelly's smooth and cheerfull voice delivers a tune that is known and loved around the world. Also, to say his tapdancing game is pretty good would be the understatement of the year. He taps and swings, and jumps from puddle to puddle, from sidewalk to gutter, from street light to street. All the while his trusted umbrella is a worthy partner that functions as shelter, baton, walking stick, and dance partner all in one (you see, this trusty gadget might just deserve its own holiday after all). 

Don Lockwood's exuberant joy swaps from feet to puddle right into our hearts and - if not attempting to copy his moves - has us tapping our feet to the tune. A seemingly simple dance number combines the musical quality, romantic feeling, charm, and unashamed fun and entertainment that Singin' in the Rain is known for. All of that in 4.50 mins makes this piece of movie history A Scene to Remember.

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