Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Scene to Remember: Bar Brawl

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny will be hitting cinemas on February 26. So I figured this was the perfect occasion to take a look back at one of the most memorable scenes from its predecessor, the Chinese martial arts classic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000).

When I think of Tiger and Dragon, which was released sixteen years ago (!), the first thing that comes to my mind is the brilliant bar brawl scene. Jen Yu (Ziyi Zhang), disguised as a man, takes a lunch break in a rural restaurant. A place oozing with testosterone. Lost in thoughts, maybe of home or her loved one or maybe the priceless stolen sword “Green Destiny” by her side, she sips her tea when a group of local fighters challenge her to a duel. With their chests puffed out like roosters, they announce their warrior names (Iron Arm Mi, Flying Saber and Shining Phoenix Mountain Gou) and then strike at Jen. 

Without letting go of her tea cup, she fends them off single-handedly, but as they keep pressing her to reveal her identity, she loses her patience. Spouting one epithet after the next, she not only takes the men, but the whole restaurant apart in that gravity defying way of hers. 

You want to know who I am? I am... I am the Invincible Sword Goddess, armed with the Green Destiny that knows no equal! Be you Li or Southern Crane, bow your head and ask for mercy! I am the dragon from the desert! Who comes from nowhere and leaves no trace! Today I fly over Eu-Mei. Tomorrow... I topple Mount Wudan! - Jen Yu

I’d call that a flashy introduction. You can tell Jen is enjoying every second of it. And so do we. By not only beating the local warriors physically but also verbally, Jen shows these bulky men that she is not having their bullshit. For every fan of martial arts movies and strong female characters this brawl scene is a treat. Have a look and enjoy!

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