Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Countdown 2015: Day 1


Same procedure as every year, BSPeeps. Over here at Big Screen Philosophers, we like to kick off our annual Christmas Countdown with the same special musical/visual delight. No matter whether you're a fan of the Wham! holiday classic or not, as soon as radio stations start playing this song about George Michael's last Christmas when he gave his heart to some random broad who then terribly let him down, we all know that Christmas is just around the corner.

So, what better way is there to start off this year's holiday season than to let you enjoy the cinematic greatness that is the "Last Christmas" music video? It's full of 80s hair and fashion, and some kind of plot that features stares of erotic tension under the Christmas tree as well as people throwing snowballs at each other. It's all just perfectly ridiculous.

Enjoy the Advent season, people!

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