Tuesday, 1 December 2015

BSP Anniversary: 1 Year Big Screen Philosophers!

One year ago, Big Screen Philosophers, our little film and movie blog, went online. In the span of 12 months, we have published 163 posts, received 74 likes on Facebook, 57 followers on Twitter and 18 subscriptions on Instagram. It might not sound like much, but it's definitely more than we ever hoped for within the span of merely a year.

So, we more than proudly like to wish ourselves a very happy birthday and send you dedicated readers out there a big thank you for checking out our posts and social media outlets on a regular basis. THANK YOU! We hope that you keep on doing so in the future, and that you tell your family and friends and the friends of your friends and their aunts about our blog so that we can see our BSP community grow even further.

And now, in order to celebrate your loyalty, dear BSPeeps, we give you a list of your Top 10 favourite posts of all time published on our blog in the last year. Enjoy the re-read, tell your friends and family and... - well, you know - all bout it and keep on visiting our blog. We really appreciate it!

# 10
©Comic Planet Culture For Life | WB

© 20th Century Fox | Source: moviepilot.com 

# 8

# 7
© Marvel Studios | Source: Collider

# 6 
©Stana Katic Central | ABC

# 5
take as a screencap from the season 4 DVD set of Boardwalk Empire
© HBO | Source: Screenshot Boardwalk Empire - Season 4

# 2
© BBC Two | Source: change.org

# 1
© ABC | Source: homeofthenutty.com

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