Monday, 16 November 2015

Manic Monday: Chicago Week Opener

© Miramax | Source: YouTube screenshot
Today's Monday isn't a usual Manic Monday. Over here at BSP, it's the beginning of a Chicago-themed week filled with exciting content all around the Windy City. For you, this means that in the upcoming seven days, you should keep checking our site and social media presences to not miss out on the fun.

Why Chicago Week, you might wonder? Our response to this would be, well, why not? In fact, we got inspired because our very on Squuls happened to be on location last week. She has some goodies in store for you in the next days. Additionally, our Nata Lie has taken a closer look at Chicago's connection with one of the most popular comic book cities out there. Which one? You're sure to find out soon. Until then, there's even more Chicago glory to come.

Today, I'm gonna kick off our thematic week by presenting you with a classic scene (in two parts, alas) from the 2002 musical movie Chicago. Set in the Prohibition era of the 1920s, the film evokes a time in which mobsters such as Johnny Torrio and Al Capone shaped the notorious criminal history of the city. And while we always tend to associate Chicagoan crime with a bunch of male players, Rob Marshall's film shows us that it's the ladies who know all about ruthless revenge.

Enjoy the scene, and have a great time visiting Chicago with us.

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