Monday, 9 November 2015

Manic Monday: Chaos Never Dies Day

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According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, Chaos is defined as:

complete confusion and disorder : a state in which behaviour and events are not controlled by anything

However, it’s not always quite as black and white as this quote lets you assume. Especially in our everyday life there are many different types of chaos.

There is chaos as the by-product of a brilliant mind at work.

 Source: ireadhands

Or the highly entertaining kind of chaos you find in the home of a family with four children and only one real grown up, while the other one acts like yet another child.

© FOX | Source: laughingsquid

And then there is this man:

© Warner Bros.| Source: buzzfeed

The self-proclaimed agent of chaos is one of the most popular villains there is and why is that the case? Because we just love his quirky way of thinking. He doesn’t make plans, he doesn’t have a goal, the Joker does what he feels like doing. And aren’t there situations in life when we all long for that? When we want to go completely bonkers without regard for the consequences; to just disrupt the order of our everyday lives and do whatever the hell we want.

This is what today is there for. On Chaos Never Dies Day we celebrate the absence of the calmness and tranquillity we are always told to seek out (and which still seems permanently absent in our lives) and instead focus on living into the day, accepting--- no, celebrating that things can’t always go according to plan, that there is no point in making plans all the time to begin with. Just do it like the Joker and embrace the fact that life is often messy (and wouldn’t it be dead boring if everything was perfect all the time?) Just don’t blow up a hospital and stuff, please.

Happy Chaos Never Dies Day, BSPeeps!

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