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Top 3: Kick-Ass Scientists

Whether you want to call it October, Doc-tober, or International Dinosaur Month, this time of the year means summer is over and we're getting back to business. Some of us are back in school, some are just getting back to their mediocre kill-me-now everyday jobs, but others are lucky enough to have exciting professions working with dinosaurs, going to space, or exploring things. Man, we'd kill to have a kick-ass job like that - in real life or on screen! Today we therefore provide some inspiration for future occupations with our Top 3 Kick-Ass Scientists:


3. Dr. Ryan Stone from Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón, 2013)
© Warner Bros. | Source: Zekefilm
This medical engineer, played by Sandra Bullock, uses her skills to aid in the exploration of one of the last frontiers: space. I know, many spaceships have already traversed the universe, but there are still countless planets and corners unknown to us. Stone's efforts are thus vital to understanding the history of our world and the worlds that surround us. When on her first space mission things go terribly wrong and she is catapulted into the endlessness of outer space, Stone demonstrates an inspiring dedication to save her own life and make it back to Earth. Words cannot describe how engrossed I was in seeing her defy gravity, death and, first and foremost, the emotional distress suffered by her due to a previous personal tragedy. She's one of those characters that I could easily become invested in because her ordeal is simply unimaginable, and because she brings me face to face with very human feelings of loss, guilt and loneliness.

2. Dr. Stephen Maturin from Master and Commander (Peter Weir, 2003)
© 20th Century Fox | Source: PorcupineSundae
There are many things to like in Stephen Maturin (Paul Bettany, pictured on the far right). He's a talented, tough surgeon, a gifted cello player and a loyal friend to Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe). Aboard the British HMS Surprise during the Napoleonic Wars, he doesn't prioritise winning battles: he rather prefers to explore the flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands. After all, Maturin is a scientist at heart, interested in the secrets and treasures of natural history. The fact that he abandons most of his discoveries on the island to help Aubrey gain an advantage over the French forces just goes to show that Maturin is a person to count on and trust in.

3. Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy (Stephen Sommers, 1999)
© Universal Pictures | Source: AtomicRedhead
The undisputed number one on my list is this charming, young lady. Actually a trained librarian living in Cairo, Ms. Carnahan suddenly finds herself amidst an adventure involving a resurrected 3000-year-old, vengeful mummy (Arnold Vosloo). Actress Rachel Weisz plays Evelyn with enchanting naïveté while, at the same time, endowing her with brains, warmth, courage, toughness and an adventurous spirit that is just a joy to watch. She lives and breathes ancient history. She's a curious character seeking knowledge of days gone by, and I love her for pursuing her passion so vigorously - even when there's danger in her way.

Nata Lie:

3. John Carter from John Carter (Andrew Stanton, 2012)

© Walt Disney Pictures | Source: extratv
19th Century ex-Confederate Captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) finds himself transported to Mars, after touching an old medallion in a mysterious cave. Due to the lower gravitational pull on the red planet, Carter is able to leap incredibly high and perform feats that require great physical strength. John Carter may not appear like a straightforward choice for this Top 3, but I added him anyway because of the movie’s archaeological interest in mysterious objects, cryptic runes and ruined cities. Moreover, Carter’s search for the medallion gives the film some kind of treasure-hunter vibe (and, quite frankly, I was running out of ideas for this ranking…)

2. Indiana Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark (Steven Spielberg, 1981)
© Paramount Pictures | Source:graemesliterarytimemachine
Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is probably THE most famous fictional archaeologist there is. Granted, he may not be the most sensitive at his job. I mean, he practically raids temples for the gold in them – not for the priceless knowledge he might gain about the culture of so far unknown ancient societies and that seems to defy the purpose of archaeology. Nonetheless, his ruffian, whip-cracking way of handling his job sure makes for good movies.

1. Lara Croft from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Simon West, 2001)

© Paramount Pictures | Source: people.rit
Believe it or not, but being a big-busted action heroine is not the primary occupation of movie and videogame character Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) – she is actually an archaeologist.  Her adventures might not give us an authentic insight into the daily chores of an archaeologist, with her wielding weapons more often than shovels or paragliding through the city. But be honest now, isn’t that far more entertaining than a movie about someone digging through dirt and brushing dust off stones? In any case, it is the entertainment factor – both of the movies and the videogames – which led me to putting the tomb raider Lara Croft onto the top of my ranking.


3. Ross Geller from FRIENDS (1994-2004)
© WB | Source: Wikipedia
Admittedly the anti-hero in this category, Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) the dinosaur guy still deserves a mention. As the school and peer group geek Ross had to take a few hits and punch lines. But as passionate as he is about extinct, gigantic mamals, no one could deter him from working as a dinosaur expert at the NYC Museum of Natural History and teaching classes about dinos at university. Mind over matter he said and also managed the art of "Unagi", the total focus on all sensual perceptions and awareness at all times. You gotta respect the guy for his passion and perseverance!

2. Flynn Carsen from The Librarian (franchise)
© TNT | Source: verynerdycurly
Imagine Indiana Jones goes to the library and does some actual research - aaand can take a joke. Then you've got Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), who heads the Metropolitan Public Library, an age old institution in charge of protecting historical (and often magical) artefacts such as Excalibur or Pandora's Box. With charme and brains, this very humble librarian not only excells at his profession, but fights off greedy treasure hunters, who are endangering the preservation of important artifacts. Someone with an interesting job, who is in it for the wisdom and not the money has my uttermost respect (plus Noah Wyle is nice to look at)!

1. Doc Brown from Back to the Future (franchise)
© Back to the Future | Source: Back to the Future wikia
Duudes, if Doc Emmett Brown hadn't made this list, I wouldn't have published it! I mean, the man invented time travel for God's sakes. All that time travelling also took place in style, since he scored a sweet ride, a DeLorean DMC 12, as his mode of transportation. Doc Brown was waaaay ahead of his time, charging the time machine with lightning bolts and banana peels. Now that's what you call alternative energy! The conscious man that he is, the Doc firstly used time travel to correct all complications to world history caused by his amazing invention! So how could he not be my number one spot of coolest freaking professionals ever?! - Also, I love saying flux capacitor :D

So there you have it folks, our Top 3 Kick-Ass Scientists. We hope you will be lucky enough to score a sweet job like that sometime in the future! After all, come next week, you might run into Doc Brown and could ask him for some pointers ;)

Finally, we'd like to know: what are your Top 3 Kick-Ass Scientists?

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