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Manic Monday & Top 3: Howl at the Moon Day

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It's Monday, but not just some ordinary Manic Monday. Today's special holiday allows you to channel all your penned up frustration and release it all at once. You're missing the relaxation of the weekend? Your boss is driving you crazy at work? University's throwing a whole load of tasks at you? No problem. Just wait until dark 'til the moon shines brightly above your head and... howl all your troubles at it.

It's Howl at the Moon Day, BSPeeps. We take this as an occasion to a) get rid of our own toils and troubles come midnight, and b) serve you with a Top 3 of our favouriute wolves in film and TV history. Enjoy.


3. Winnie from Hotel Transylvania (2012) and Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) 
© Sony Pictures | Source: Hotel Transylvania Wikia
Little werewolf girl Winnie has about a trillion scuffling brothers. Naturally, she has to be tough and determined in order to assert herself amongst her siblings. Although cute Winnie might not look the part, she can scramble like the best of them, is a loyal friend, a talented tracker and her parents' pride and joy.

2. Lucian from Underworld (2003) and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)
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Lucian (played fiercely by the impeccable Michael Sheen) is one of those wild, scruffy, tousled werewolves with a big, broken heart. It's all in the ambivalence. While, at first, we're led to believe that he's a mean-spirited fellow intending to harm vampires for the fun of it, we soon find out that all his rage and grimnes actually stem back from the days in which the vampires enslaved his whole race and, on top of that, killed the love of his life. Awww. Poor Lucian definitely has my sympathy.

1. Jackson Whittemore from Teen Wolf (2011 -  )
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High school jock Jackson (Colton Haynes) wants to be a werewolf - badly. And he has to go through a lot to finally reach his goal: wolfsbane poisoning, emotional insecurity, the transformation into a slimey killing machine without control of his mind... Oh, what a glorious moment it is when Jackson finally turns into a fully fanged, blue-eyed werewolf! While it is sometimes hard to root for him, I've always liked him best on the show. The soft core underneath the hard shell make for some great drama and character moments.

Nata Lie:

3. Ruby/Red from Once Upon a Time... (2011 - )
© ABC | Source: outafan
Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood, who sets out to visit her ill grandmother and then they are both eaten up by the Big Bad Wolf. Not so this Red Riding Hood. Ruby gives a new spin to the old fairy tale - being the helpless little girl and the hungry wolf in one person. And the best thing about that is that she doesn’t even know and her Jekyll-and-Hyde kind of character is definitely interesting to watch.

2. Michael Corvin from Underworld (2003)
© Sony Pictures | Source: comicvine
Michael Corvin is the first ever lycan-vampire hybrid and far more powerful than either of these species. He falls in love with the vampire Selene and sides with her in her fight against the real werewolves. Did I mention that apart from superior strenght, he shares none of their weaknesses?

1. Professor Remus John Lupin from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
© Warner Bros. Pictures | Source: harrypotter.wikia
When you think of a typical werewolf, what comes to mind are shady, bad-spirited guys who easily lose their temper. And then there’s Lupin. Granted, he does get kind of grumpy and blood-thirsty after having stared at the full moon a little too long to maintain his human form, but the rest of the time, he is everything our “typical werewolf” is not. He is kind, always concerned about others and a good friend, not only to his peers James and Sirius, but also to Harry and Co. He is an indispensable part of the Order of the Phoenix and uses his werewolf-powers to fight the evil forces, tormenting Rowling's magical world. A deserved first place, wouldn’t you say?


3. Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)
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By far the most ridiculus looking woolfie, Oz (Seth Green) is still a cool addition to the Scooby Gang in Buffy. Since I am usually not a fan of the scary type of story, this guy is more up my alley. He's a senior in high school and plays in an alternative rock band. What sounds like destiny for eternal coolness in reality has more of a geeky vibe. Much like human Oz his werewolf alter ego is tamer than it seems. After one badass fight he decides to lock himself up during his transformation times, so he won't hurt anyone. After all he won't let his werewolf ways come in between him and his love Willow.

2. George Sands from Being Human (UK version; 2008-2013)
© BBC | Source: Being Human Wikia
As the show's name suggests George Sands tries everything to master his burden. He shacks up with a vampire and a ghost and together they try to keep each other in check. George does his best to live a normal life in the human world, despite always living with the threat of exposure and of other (evil) creatures out there. But even after transformation George Sands is able to highlight his human side and control his animalistic impulses. He can't help what he looks like, but he can certainly still choose who he wants to be and that, to me, makes him a werewolf woth admiring.

3. Peter Rumancek from Hemlock Grove (2013-2015)
© Netflix | Source: Hemlock Grove Wikia
Peter Rumancek is a gipsy werewolf, who is new in the mysterious town of Hemlock Grove, aaaand that comes with a lot of problems. Brooding and handsome as he is, people either find him attractive or want to be him - deep down. Being a gipsy already closes many doors, but when the rumor spreads that he's a werewolf and girls start getting killed he is really in for trouble. He sets out to clear his name and makes a friend in the rich and handsome, but slightly psychotic, Roman Godfrey along the way. It is to him that he reveals he really is a werewolf in the most badass and horrifically beautiful transformation I have ever seen.

So, who do you miss on our lists? Who are your favourite wolves in movies and TV?

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