Saturday, 31 October 2015

Features: Halloween Treat

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Happy Halloween BSPeeps!

Today is a very special day, and so we prepared some very special treats exclusively for you – like the picture puzzles you will find below.

The pictures I have chosen are not from any famous or not so famous horror movies, as you might expect. Instead, I had a look at some cartoons I loved as a child, but that are retrospectively a little more creepy and disturbing than any show for children ought to be. Like the dystopian nightmare Darkwing Duck is set in bears a greater resemblance to a duckified Gotham City than bright, innocent Duckburg. Or have you ever heard the theory that the Rugrats babies are all dead and the show is just a figment of Angelica’s deranged imagination? 

There goes my childhood… 

And I guess the monster-hunting Scooby Doo is self-evident. But there’s far more. Almost all of the old Disney-movies, Spongebob Squarepants and what have you, feature a dark side you might have not picked up on as a kid, but thinking back now, there’s quite a lot to unearth. But do we really want that?

Anyhow, now to the more fun part of this so far kind of gloomy sounding post. As I said, I prepared three picture puzzles with creepy scenes from actually not supposed to be creepy cartoons and added a few mistakes. There are each five in the Darkwing Duck and Scooby Doo picture, and, because it’s so much fun, there are ten mistakes in the Rugrats one. 

Have fun searching!

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