Sunday, 13 September 2015

TV Check-Up: Returning Shows 2015-2016

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To start your fall off right we've compiled a neat little list of returning favourites and what to expect for the next year before Fall TV starts back next weekend:

American Horror Story: Hotel (FX), return TBA
With a cast of returning favorites and new faces (most prominently Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga) the latest addition to the AHS-verse promises to return to the scary roots of season one.


Arrow, (The CW), returns Oct. 7
Season 4 will hold some changes and decisions to be made for this green-clad superhero


The Big Bang Theory (CBS), returns Sept. 21
While there’ll be Wedding Bells in the season premiere, things are not as peachy as they seem.


Black-Ish (ABC), returns Sept. 23
In its sophomore year this family comedy will face a lot of growing pains while continuing to tackle race-issues in both serious and silly manner. 


The Blacklist (NBC), returns Oct. 1
With season three this show almost gets a completely new set-up by focusing on Liz and Red on the run, rather than tackling individual blacklisters.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX), returns Sept. 27
Season 3 promises some new opportunity for jokes and hassle for the precinct with the arrival of a new Captain.


Castle (ABC), returns Sept. 21
Now in its 8th season Castle is facing some major chances story wise and behind the scenes.


Chicago Fire (NBC), returns Oct. 13
In show one of this now three-show-collaboration based in the windy city people are facing some serious personal and professional challenges this year.


Chicago P.D. (NBC), returns Sept. 30
In the law-enforcement based show, Lindsay is in for difficult times, when she has to decide to go through with or pull out of a tough decision.


Criminal Minds (CBS), returns Sept. 30
This season we are in for more serial storytelling than usual, with the team working on a difficult case that will span all season.


Downton Abbey (ITV/ PBS), returns Sept. 20
In its final season the upstairs and downstairs crews (and we) are faced with some major uncertainties concerning the future as we near the end of an era.


Elementary (CBS), returns Nov. 5
In season 4 we will meet some previously unseen family members and dive into the personal back stories of the investigative duo. 


Empire (ABC), returns Sept. 23
The megahit of last year will have to prove that it can sustain the excitement for its sophomore year.


The Good Wife (CBS), returns Oct. 4
This year Alicia’s romantic life is in for some shaking up with the arrival of a new investigator.


Gotham (FOX), returns Sept. 21
The second season was given the theme: ‘Rise of the Villains’.


Hawaii Five-0 (CBS), returns Sept. 25
There’s a new villain in town and he’s even more unpredictable than Wo Fat.


Homeland (Showtime), returns Oct. 4
Season 5 will start with a two-year time jump and finds Carrie Mathison living in Berlin.


Nashville (ABC), returns Sept. 23
There’s a new ego in town and in typical Nashville fashion will cause some major drama.


NCIS (CBS), returns Sept. 22
The boss-man will undergo some major personal questioning this year.


Supernatural (The CW), returns Oct. 7
It’s the Winchesters against The Darkness this year.


The X-Files (FOX), “returns” Jan. 24
Technically a new show, this event series continues the majorly successful 90s show     of the same name.

What show are you looking forward to most? Also, drop back later in the week for our new shows preview!


  1. Arrow, The Good Wife and Empire (!)

    Others worth mentioning: Fresh Off the Boat, The Flash and The Leftovers (!)

    1. nice! planning to finally check out the good wife this year... never got around to it so far