Friday, 18 September 2015

TV Check-Up: New Shows 2015-2016

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Come next week that TV will no longer be grey and dull, but bustle with new energy and new shows! Which will last the season or longer and which will be the first to be cancelled? Hard to say, but here's an overview of what to expect from the major networks this fall:

Blindspot (NBC), premieres Sept. 21
Apparently one of the shows to look out for this fall, Blindspot sets up a major mystery, when a woman is found in Times Square – naked except for extensive tattoos that apparently are the key to a major conspiracy. - Looks like NBC might have finally found an interesting new angle to the whole special agency conspiracy drama!

Chicago MED (NBC), premieres Nov. 17
Show three of the Chicago-based drama franchise will more or less take over the medical drama legacy left by ER, while neatly tying in with Chicago P.D. and Fire. - Looks like the new trilogy of Chicago drama will work nicely and have some collaborative storylines.

Code Black (CBS), premieres Sept. 30
Another new ER, this show is based on the award-winning documentary of the same name and based in L.A. The staff struggles against a broken system while trying to focus on what really matters: the patients. - Hope, death, drama... let's wait and see if this show can bring it.   

Dr. Ken (ABC), premieres Oct. 2
Physician Dr. Ken (played by Ken Yeong) is a brilliant doctor but struggles with bedside manner and raising his children. Still he remains ultra positive in his intentions to improve, driving everyone around him mad in the process. - Looks like we'll be getting what we wanted and expected: Lots of silliness and Ken Jeong ;)

Grandfathered (FOX), premieres Sept. 29
Show one of FOX’s double-act of aging heart-throbs, sees John Stamos play a longtime bachelor, whose life takes a major turn when he discovers that he’s not only a father but also a grandfather. - Actually looks much funnier and entertaining than I expected! Might turn out to be an enjoyable sort-of-family comedy.

The Grinder (FOX), premieres Sept. 29
Part two of FOX’s double-delight is a show about a beloved TV lawyer (played by Rob Lowe), who thinks he can take over his family’s law firm after the end of the show. - My God, Rob Lowe, what happened to your face?! :-O Still, he can pull of the self-involved, yet charming character like no other.

Heroes Reborn (NBC), premieres Sept. 24
In a smart move this reboot/ sequel/ spin-off this 13-episode event will draw the line back to Heroes’ massively successful season one. New and returning characters will face the challenge of discovering they have extraordinary powers. - Good thing they are orientating on season one, before things got to crazy. Anxious to see how they will connect old and new characters.   

Jerkyll and Hide (ITV), premieres in October
In what looks like a clever move ITV takes a beloved piece of literature and gives it a modern spin. Watch out for an exciting mix of mystery, sci-fi, and horror. - Period drama with a monstrous whovian twist! Could be great.  

Life in Pieces (CBS), premieres Sept. 21
A family comedy with an interesting cast that combines the separate stories of the different family members to a full family portrait. - Looks like a case of awkward TMI a lot of times, but still comes from the heart.

Limitless (CBS), premieres Sept. 22
Based on the 2011 movie of the same name and starring Bradley Cooper, the series sees Brian Finch use the mind-freeing drug NZT to solve cases for the FBI. - Looks as thrilling as the movie and with a crime twist to it!

The Muppets (ABC), premieres Sept. 22
Rather than a Muppet show reboot, the new show focuses on the personal lives and relationships of our beloved puppets in documentary style. - Looking forward to some Muppet fun and some great celebrity cameos!

The Player (NBC), premieres Sept. 24
The gamble suggested in the name of the show is slightly more extreme than expected, when a military-operative-turned-security-expert has to prevent major crimes in Las Vegas, while other people bet on his abilities. - The highest stakes possible and a charismatic leading man - should be interesting!

Scream Queens (Fox), premieres Sept. 22
Promoted as one of the promising shows this fall, Scream Queens is an anthology horror-comedy series with a young Hollywood all star cast (and Jamie Lee Curtis). - Actually looks quite fun and scary... but could also move to 90s teen slasher silliness... we shall see ;)

Supergirl (CBS), premieres Oct. 26
Kara Zor-El decides to embrace her superhuman powers after years of hiding her true identity. - Still not sure if we actually need to hear more on supergirl and if there is anything novel about this, but here it is...

Wicked City (ABC), premieres Oct. 27
Set up as a multi-season show, Wicked City will cover a different criminal case set in a different famous L.A. era, starting with a rock ‘n roll murder from 1982. - A period drama outside of 19th century Britain! And with some cool looks and music. This could be great!

What shows are you most excited for? Drop us a comment below or on social media :)


  1. Scream Queens and Supergirl

    Others worth mentioning:
    Quantico (Grey's Anatomy at the FBI Trining Facility)
    Flesh and Bone (A story about a self-destructive ballet dancer)
    The Man in the High Castle (What would have happened if the USA had lost World War 2?)
    Ash vs. Evil Dead (A continuation of the film franchise)

    1. yep you have a point there. Thanks for the input! this is just a selection from the major networks, so new suggestions are always welcome - especially since it's hard to say how a show willl play out after just the pilot... but especially quantico showed some promise after its first episode. I for one am especially looking forward to wicked city, because I think it's a cool concept and I am hoping for one of the new medical dramas to deliver! Hopefully one of the new comedies will cure my recent aversion for them...