Monday, 7 September 2015

Manic Monday: European Week of Sport

© European Commission | Source: PGAs of Europe
Another week, another Monday... but since this week is the European Week of Sport we are adamant to make this Manic Monday a positive one. Sport is good for your health and happiness, but also has the power to motivate yourself beyond the gym/field/pitch. Even if you are not that into sports or a proper couch potato the spirit of motivation can catch you. It therefore comes as no surprise that sport movies and shows are among the most liked and watched. They give us hope, life lessons, and respect for the underdog. Most importantly sport be it on the field or on the screen has the power to make us take action and participate in life. 

Therefore, on this Manic Monday, take a lesson from One Tree Hill's Nathan Scott into the week and into your heart:

Let's GO!

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