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Features: World Beard Day

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It’s that time of year again BSPeeps. Today we celebrate the versatility of facial hair – from nonchalant stubble to elaborate walrus moustache. On World Beard Day we pay homage to all that is beardy and hairy. And let’s be honest, what is more manly than a massive beard? But a beard is not a beard. To expand your (and also my own) knowledge of the complex forms of facial fur, I’ve compiled a couple of subcategories and use well-known actors from movies or television as visual aids. Let’s go from little and inconspicuous to thick, long and imposing.

The Fuzz

The Fuzz is the first kind of facial hair, worn mainly by boys on their way to becoming men. The soft, downy baby hair doesn’t have all that much to do with a real beard yet, but it’s probably THE hair that fills its wearer with a greater sense of pride than any of the other categories.

Ron Weasley 

© Warner Bros. | Source: hypable
See that bit of fluff surrounding his mouth? It's not really a beard yet, but not a non-beard either.

The Stubble

Any kind of hair that is just long enough to be seen, but can’t yet be called a proper beard is usually referred to as stubble. Whether resulting from a lack of time to shave or just wanting to look nonchalant enough not to consider shaving a necessity, the stubble can look unclean and careless or charmingly boyish and laidback. Have a look at some examples of the latter.

Sam and Dean Winchester 

© The CW | Source: mstarz
How are you supposed to find the time to trim your beard when the fate of the world is constantly at stake? Never mind the razor, boys. Just keep on doing what you do best.

James "Sawyer" Ford    
© Bad Robot | Source: fanpop
Being lost on a deserted island there surely are more important things than keeping your face free of hair, like surviving and stuff. And it's not like bad boy Sawyer would have cared either way and isn’t that the attitude we love so much about him?

The Mutton Chops

The mutton chops are a more elaborate, prestigious form of sideburns and were especially fashionable in the 19th Century. And they have regained some popularity lately thanks to the following mutton chop wearer.


© Marvel | Source: hitfix
There aren’t many decent ways to wear mutton chops without looking silly for it, but Wolverine shows you how to tame them. They underline the animalistic side of his role. But before you get excited now, bear in mind that unless you don’t have the facial shape, nor the desirable hair consistency to rock the mutton chops the way Hugh Jackman does, you might just end up looking like this.

The Janitor  

© Doozer | Source: scrubs.wikia
You don’t really want that, now, do you?

The Goatee

A goatee is a beard growing on the chin or may also be connected to an upperlip moustache. It’s also called a circle beard, because of the way it grows around the mouth. 

Christian Bale
Source: today

Christian Bale shows you the classy way to wear a goatee. 

Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt

Source: dailymail
Source: listal

These two are a good example of what an unsightly beard can do to even the most handsome men.

The Moustache

A moustache is called any hair that grows above the upper lip only, but of course there are also many variations. Have a look at some of the most popular versions.

Thomas Magnum    

© Belisarius Productions | Source: metro
Here we have an example of a classic moustache. And a masterpiece at that. Can you imagine Magnum played by a bald-lipped man? Of course you can’t because that would be absolutely absurd. Tom Selleck is as much a part of the role Magnum as is his beard.

Charlie Chaplin
Source: ligo
Charlie Chaplin is one of the two most famous representatives of the toothbrush moustache. You won’t find many species of said moustache in the wild anymore and we are not really sorry for that.

Bill the Butcher and Mr. Monopoly   

© Miramax | Source: artofmanliness

Source: ew

The Handlebar Moustache is a moustache that is grown out at the ends and twirled upwards, thus resembling handlebars. Famous wearers are Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York or Mr. Monopoly.

The Beard 

And now let’s move on to the master discipline: the full beard. It incorporates all the categories above and is most often a symbol of power and majesty. Just have a look at these prominent full beards.

The Gamemaker   

© Lionsgate | Source: villains.wikia
This is probably the shortest beard in this list, but Seneca Crane’s unique, futuristic style is no less impressive for that.

The Kung Fu Master 
© Miramax | Source: cafemom
Pai Mei’s silky white beard floats like a ghostly curtain down his chin. And rather than being mere decoration, Pai Mei uses his beard to express his emotions. Beware of the upset beard flick.

The Dwarves 

© New Line Cinema | Source: eonline
This is beard-art at its finest. How could you not be proud of a beard that’s roughly half your size? The dwarves make no secret of their love for facial fur and express their pride through fancy braids, ponytails and the likes.

The Wizards 
© Warner Bros. | Source: hollywood
© New Line Cinema | Source: lotr.wikia

Gandalf, Saruman and Dumbledore – what do these three have in common apart from their magical prowess? Obviously their full, long beards. It takes decades to grow out your beard like this and these men have lived through many of those.

The Sea King   

© Disney | Source: hero.wikia
King Triton’s beard is the whitest and fluffiest of all – and that in spite of being under water all the time. There is no need for any extravagant beard-do. Despite its simplicity, this is the beard that does justice to its owner: the mighty king of the sea.

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