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Manic Monday & Trailer Check: The Walk (2015)

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Today's the day that Manic Monday and Skyscraper Appreciation Day fall together. For this excellent occasion, I was looking for a topic that is suitable for both our slightly suicidal minds at the beginning of the week and our adoration for impressively high-built architecture. After some searching around, I'm sure that I have found it in Robert Zemeckis' upcoming cinematic endeavour, The Walk. Let's check out the trailer.

In the opening shot, the camera quickly runs up a highrise - storey after storey after storey. Nothing's audible except for the wind howling around the skyscraper. Finally, when the camera has reached the rooftop, a young man appears. He walks to the edge of the building, eyeing another highrise some metres away. Music anticipating thrill, excitement and danger sets in while the camera grants us a look down into a vertigo-inducing abyss.

The Walk is the story of Frenchman Philippe Petit and one of the most spectacular high-wire acts in history. When in 1974, he came up with the plan to stretch a wire between the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York to walk from one building over to the other, his attempt was not only illegal, but also bound to put him in mortal danger. As far as movie premises go, this one will most certainly spark the interest of an adventure-loving, the-extreme-cherishing audience.

However, the trailer also has us know that the visual execution will fit the spectacular nature of the plot. We are promised an IMAX 3D experience, and the fast-paced tracking shots up tall buildings as well as the multiple glances down heady heights can only profit from a three-dimensional build-up.

The illegal aspect of Petit's story indicates that the film might also harbour a heist-movie-like quality: the act between the Twin Towers has to be planned without other people noticing, stealthy undertakings lead the high-wire artist and his crew through ventilation shafts and on the run from watchmen. As indicated by the trailer, this might add another layer of thrill to the film.

With Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead and other cast members including Charlotte LeBon, James Badge Dale and Sir Ben Kingsley, The Walk features actors who are certain to shine with talent and likeability. It'll probably be easy to be engrossed in Petit's adventure and to root for his success.

This well-done trailer promises an engaging thrill ride that will bring audiences to dizzying extremes visually and make their pulses race plotwise. I personally cannot wait for The Walk to enter cinemas. But however manic your Monday may be, BSPeeps: don't try this at home! Please appreciate your skyscrapers from afar. 

Wide Release:  9 October 2015
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