Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Scene to Remember: What is a Weekend?

© ITV/ PBS | Source: Deadline

Oh how I love it when we introduce a new category for our blog! To be fair, this one isn't actually new, but has unjustly been neglected by us since the beginning... But no more! 

Here, we'll introduce you to or remind you of scenes that are memorable as they are or should be remembered from here on out. There are many reasons for a scene to be memorable, be it great acting or writing, grand emotions, epic fun, or massive popularity.

Our freshman scene has a bit of all of these qualities. And since the show it's from is nearing the end of its run, some premature remembrance is only fair:

Times were hard in the early 20th century, but not everyone underwent the same ordeals. The upstairs folks of Downton Abbey suffered from a severe, yet highly entertaining case of what today we'd call #firstworldproblems. Arrogance and naivete make a dangerous mix, but (with a little warmth and the knowledge that this is just a TV show) also make for some quality amusement time. No one is whittier and out of this world, yet strangely up to date and accurate in their utterings than the Dowager Countess herself. Dame Maggie Smith, admittedly, can do and say almost anything, but her hillarious and outer-worldly one-liners as Violet Crawley shall never be forgotten!

So on this last summer Sunday I ask you: "What is a weekend?"

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