Monday, 6 July 2015

Manic Monday: Raptor Princesses

© Laura Cooper | xpwebcomic

As you may have noticed these past weeks, the three of us are great fans of Jurassic World. But the movie has been released almost a month ago and even the best things have to end one day and I guess that day has finally come. It’s time to move on to new movie crushes (and I’m really just talking about the movies here) or movies that leave us indifferent of their existence or those that’ll make us wholeheartedly hate them (for an example of such wholehearted hatred read Rina’s review of the Fargo TV show – you’ll get what I mean.)

So, to provide some sense of closure, this Manic Monday post is our final tribute to Jurassic World and the stars of the movie. And no, I am not talking about the charming raptor trainer Chris Pratt, the neurotic workaholic of a park manager Claire, definitely not the annoying little and semi-little Mitchell brothers, and I am not referring to the original Jurassic Park’s biggest fanboy Lowery either. Although perhaps a little… The real stars of the film can be no other than the none-human actors – drum roll – the dinosaurs! And I mean the real dinosaurs. Sorry Indominus Rex.

The raptors were by far the best part of the movie and managed to successfully distract from the not particularly well-written characters and the a-little-too-simple storyline. And I think a lot of movies would greatly benefit from incorporating dinosaurs into their cast. To give you an idea of just how great that would be, take a look at these cheeky Velociraptors, slipping into the roles of their favourite Disney princesses. Enjoy!

© Laura Cooper | io9

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