Monday, 27 July 2015

Manic Monday: Jane Austen's Fight Club: Pride and Prejudice and Punching

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© Card & Paugh | Source: rebloggy
Jane Austen is known for her prim and chaste heroines. Witty – yes, but nonetheless subdued by the 19th century standards of propriety and female modesty. Not exactly the stuff that strikes a chord with the majority of us 21st-century people. And Austen's girls are finally fed up with that.

Jane Austen’s Fight Club (2010) is a fanmade short film that takes up the idea of Palahniuk’s and Fincher’s Fight Club (1999) and inserts Austen’s female characters into that setting. 

© Card & Paugh | Source: rebloggy
Bored with their monotonous everyday routines, Elizabeth Bennet, Emma and Co., all dressed up in frilly 19th century style dresses, begin to fight each other in secret. Subsequently, they become more confidant and lively and quickly discard society’s expectations of adequate behaviour for women.

Do I need to say more? Just check out the video and enjoy watching Austen’s heroines give vent to all the pent up hostility they had to repress in their respective novels, and beat the crap out of each other.

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