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Features: Top 3 - World Doll Day

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There is a commemorative day for just about anything by now, but did you know that there is such a thing as a World Doll Day? In case you didn’t, now you do and what’s more – it’s today.

To celebrate this oh-so-important occasion, I prepared a compilation of myTop 3 favourite sweet jolly-good dolls and also a Top 3 of the creepiest dolls to ever appear on the TV or cinema screens. Excited yet? Let’s start with the good ones.

Top 3 Good Dolls 

3. Sheriff Woody Pride from Toy Story (1995)

What is not to love about Andy’s favourite toy, the old-fashioned cowboy doll Woody? Sheriff Woody is a passionate, loyal and forthright character, who has turned into the leader of Andy’s toy pack and guides them through many an adventure. His rivalry with Captain Buzz Lightyear is legendary, as are his favourite quotes: “Reach for the sky!” or “There’s a snake in my boot!”

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2. Mr Floppy from Unhappily Ever After (1995-1999)

I guess Mr Floppy’s being here on the good guy list is quite debatable, but he’s lacking the creepiness to make it to the other list, so I’ll leave him here. Though maybe not the best of character (which is quite an understatement) the cute, sardonic bunny doll aka Jack Malloy’s alter ego has nevertheless led us through quite some evilish yet hilarious moments. He definitely deserves his position on the podium.

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1. Pinocchio (1940)

The story of the wooden puppet who dreams of being a boy has touched the hearts of children for over a century now – ever since being written down by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi in 1883, but even more so since Disney revived Pinocchio and his friends in 1940. The puppet that was created to be “brave, truthful and unselfish” taught us to always tell the truth (and don’t tell me you did NOT at some point in your childhood believe that your nose would actually start growing when you lied) – a message that has traversed the ages. So here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the winner of my good dolls ranking: Pinocchio!

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Top 3 Creepy Dolls

3. Insaniac from Small Soldiers (1998)

Rank 3 of my bad dolls list comes from the evil twin of Toy Story, Dreamworks’ Small Soldiers. I’ve chosen Insaniac of the Gargonites for creepiness sake, and yes, I do know that the Gargonites are actually the good guys, but just imagine something like that coming alive in your room. Thank you, but no, thank you. Towards the end of the movie I had somewhat warmed up to the Gargonites, but nevertheless, the day I watched Small Soldiers was the day all my plushies had to move out of my bed for reasons of personal security.

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2. Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps (1996)

"Karru marri odonna loma molonu karrano"

Say those words and you are doomed. This is the spell that brings the murderous ventriloquist dummy Slappy to life. And believe me, funny and harmless as he may look, you don’t want him to be alive. Ever.

And Shhh Slappy will be the main villain in the new Goosebumps movie that will hit the screens this October. Can’t wait.

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1. Annabelle from The Conjuring (2013) and Annabelle (2014)

Putting Annabelle on the top of my list is almost too mainstream, but honestly, she really is that scary. Especially so, if you consider that her story is based on supposedly true events and that the real Annabelle doll is currently residing in the Warren’s Occult Museum. 

If you ask me, the real one looks way creepier than its prepped Hollywood counterpart. What do you think?

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