Monday, 4 May 2015

Manic Monday: Season Finale Preparation

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It's Monday and it's May - to be more exact it's our first Manic Monday in May! May means it's time for TV season and series finales and we are already in the midst of it. To start your week off right and to prepare you for what's to come, we'll share two nice features TVLine sets up every year: a May Sweeps and a Renewal scorecard.

This lists keeps, well, score of what will happen in the final episodes of the TV season with a focus on broadcast networks. How many deaths, weddings, firings will there be and which characters and shows does it concern? This list's got you covered. But BEWARE! There are SPOILERS everywhere for those who don't enjoy them.

Wonder if your favourite show is coming back next year or if Grey's Anatomy is finally getting the ax? This scorecard is regularly updated on network news concerning the fate of TV shows.

So there you go! You are all covered for May Sweeps and finale season :) Enjoy your week, BSPeeps!

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