Monday, 18 May 2015

Manic Monday: The Post-Ice Hockey Blues

© Walt Disney Television Animation | Source: YouTube screenshot

We all know, Mondays usually suck. They can't help it, it's just in their nature. However, today's Monday offers an even more intense kind of suckage since, yesterday, the annual Ice Hockey World Championship came to an end. While we can be enthused about the fact that Sid the Kid and his team mates won the Cup for team Canada (Yay!), we still have to wait an entire year until the best ice hockey teams of planet Earth meet again to duke it out in the next World Championship.

You might wonder, what is this woman talking about? When did BSP turn into a sports blog? Rest assured, it didn't. Anyway, as a huge fan of everything that has to do with ice and skates and pucks, I'd like to make use of the occasion and try to sweeten your Manic Monday by reminding you of a certain TV show which features all that: ice and skates and pucks - and ducks.

So, for those of you who enjoy a bit of ice hockey, or who are just head-over-heels for good ol' 90s Disney cartoon action, here is "The First Face-Off", the two-part opening episode of one of my favourite childhood TV series ever, the Mighty Ducks. Feel free to groove to the catchy intro, or just take pleasure in the fact that you're about to hear the voice talents of Ian Ziering, James Belushi and Tim Curry.

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