Monday, 11 May 2015

Manic Monday: Pitch Perfect 2

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Blast! It's Monday again... that day of the week when everything just seems a little more annoying/hard/tiresome/cruel. On this week's Manic Monday we are sharing the sentiment with the Barden Bellas. Remember the Bellas? That weird yet awesome acapella group from 'High School Musical All Grown Up' aka Pitch Perfect? Well, they must have had a lot of Mondays since the first movie, because in the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 - in theaters this week - their harmony seems to have gone missing:

So, aca-awesome BSPeeps, let's tackle this third week of May together and we'll get through it :) After all summer is finally here! Enjoy good weather in good spirits, and we'll soon get to see the Bellas back at their aca-awesomest again as well!

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