Monday, 13 April 2015

Features: Manic Monday - A Dinner with Jon Snow

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Have you ever fantasised about what it would be like to meet your favourite fictional characters in real life? Some encounters are easy to imagine but when it comes to more extravagant characters anything could happen.

So just imagine now, you’re having dinner with a couple of friends. You take a seat, already beyond famished, but since one of your friends is still missing you (more or less voluntarily) decide to still wait for his arrival before you start eating. Ten minutes later there’s finally a ring at the door and your friend arrives, apologising for his retard. He says that he met someone and was so intrigued by this person that he decided to bring him along. It’s only then that you notice that there’s someone else at the door, no other than Game of Thrones' JON SNOW!

He’s clad in his original, multi-layered Night’s Watch attire and you feel like you’ve been catapulted right into the middle of a bad crossover fanfiction. What's going to happen next? Is Jon Snow the charming and fascinating kind of dinner guest to swoon over or will his medieval table manners and archaic thinking turn the party into an appalling experience?

Watch this video of Late Night with Seth Meyers for the answer.

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