Sunday, 1 February 2015

Features: Manic Monday - Superbowl Hangover

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This week’s Manic Monday is still very much under the sign of the Super Bowl. For all of you suffering from football hangover, whether your team won or lost, this is for you. To tide you over the break and off-season, we compiled a list of the 10 best football movies of recent years. Inspirational, competitive, and full of heart they might just get you off the couch – to throw some passes or go out and realize your own dreams.

10. Varsity Blues
Who can take the pressure in a battle of substitute quarterback vs. head coach of a Texas high school football team?

9. Gridiron Gang
Juvenile delinquents learning about life, loyalty, and respect on a prison football field.

8. Invincible
Just like in everybody’s dream an everyman gets to play pro football.

7. Any Given Sunday
An epic battle of money vs. soul.

6. Radio
A heartwarming story about the unique contributions anyone can bring to a team and a mission.

5. Jerry Maguire
A lot of people’s favorite movie ever explores the shady background of the football business.

4. Friday Night Lights
Although I am inclined to the TV show, this movie embodies the small town excitement for their high school football team – this Friday night and every Friday night.

3. We Are Marshall
After the tragic death of Marshall’s football team it is up to one motivational coach to rebuild the team – and the town’s spirits.

2. The Blind Side
An all-white southern family gives a home and a future to a homeless black adolescent.

1. Remember the Titans
The story of a newly integrated high school football squad’s first season, their African-American coach, and their journey to becoming a real team.

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