Monday, 26 January 2015

Features: Manic Monday - Footloose (1984) Final Dance Scene

© Paramount Pictures | Source: BasementRejects

We all know they suck, those Mondays. Getting back to work, school, university or whatever terrible thing it is that you have to get back to at the dreaded beginning of the week, it is downright horrible.

For this very reason, we over here at BSP have decided to introduce a new category which is meant to chase off the blues we feel every time the clock strikes midnight after Sunday. Please welcome our Manic Monday!

From now on, every Monday we will post a tiny item meant to cheer you up and bring you safely through this friggin' mess of a day. Enjoy!

So, today, to start the week with a bang, let's get an 80s party started with Kevin Bacon, Kenny Loggins and the final dance of Footloose (1984)

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