Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014: Day 6


Happy St Nicholas Day everyone! May your shoes be full of sweets and goodies today. To mark the occasion we have another holiday movie check-up for you. Today’s pick is a classic that should get you all into the right Christmas spirit.
So here it is!
(Drum roll, please!)

Three Wishes for Cinderella (1973)
Czech republic, Germany; 82 min; fairy tale, romantic comedy, drama
Director: Václav Vorlícek 
Writing: Bozena Nemcová, Frantisek Pavlícek  
Cinematography: Josef Illík 
Cast: Libuse Safránková, Pavel Trávnícek, Carola Braunbock, Rolf Hoppe, Karin Lesch, Dana Hlavácová, Jan Libícek, Vítezslav Jandák, Jaroslav Drbohlav, Vladimír Mensík, Míla Myslíková, Helena Ruzicková, Jan Sus, Milos Vavruska, Jirí Ruzicka, Jirí Krytinár, Ilona Jirotková

Synopsis: We all know Grimm’s fairy tale of Cinderella - the story of a kind girl who lost her parents and was then raised by an evil stepmother and exploited by her no less evil stepsisters, until a prince finally comes to rescue her from this misery. But the movie from 1973 gives a new spin to this story. Cinderella is by no means the helpless damsel in distress, who needs a prince to save her. She is shown as clever and skilled and she does not just fall for the prince but expects him to pursue her and prove himself worthy of her love.

Christmas Factor: 98 %
Three Wishes for Cinderella is doubtlessly THE classic Christmas movie, so why does it only get 98%? The only reason for that is that I found it hard to give a perfect Christmas score to a movie in which Christmas actually plays no part. It is set in winter, but that’s about everything. Nevertheless, this new take on a well-known fairy tale about love and kindness epitomises what the Christmas spirit is all about and invites the viewers to immerse themselves into the beautifully crafted world of a rather cheeky, but for that all the more adorable Cinderella.

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