Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014: Day 16


It's day 16 of our Christmas Countdown and we have another holiday movie check-up for you today:

Elf (2003)
USA; 97 min; children, family, comedy, fantasy, romance
Director: Jon Favreau
Writing: David Berenbaum
Cinematography: Greg Gardiner
Cast: Will Ferrell, James Caan, Bob Newhart, Edward Asner, Mary Steenburgen, Zooey Deschanel, Daniel Tay, Faizon Love, Peter Dinklage, Amy Sedaris, Michael Lerner, Andy Richter, Kyle Gass, Artie Lange, Leon Redbone, Ray Harryhausen, Claire Lautier, Ted Friend, Patrick Ferrell, Patrick McCartney

synopsis: Little Buddy’s life changes dramatically when he crawls into Santa’s pouch one night and ends up at the North Pole. Instead of growing up in an orphanage, he gets to live with elves. Years later and all grown-up Buddy sets out to find his real dad in New York City. His own elfish naiveté and his father’s scrooge-like qualities make the reunion a little bit more difficult than the elf imagined. This tale of finding your place in the world is significantly shaped by its typical Will Ferrell humor.

Christmas factor: 90 %
This film has all the landmarks of a typical Christmas movie – Santa and the Elves, snow, a toy store. It also deals with a lot of values such as family, fitting in, and doing the right thing that are overly present in the Christmas season. Still, the movie’s protagonist makes it hard for me to give it a full 100%. Yes, you get a Christmas movie, but you also get a Will Ferrell movie and that is sometimes a little bit too much for me. Elf a lot of times is a super-cute tale of the loyal-to-the-bone elf Buddy. Yet it also is overly giddy and on the verge of annoying at other times. None-the-less Elf is an enjoyable movie that will surely put you in the Christmas spirit.

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