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Data Base: Camelot (2011)

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Series Premiere 25 February 2011
Series Finale 10 June 2011 (cancelled)
Genre historical, period, drama, family drama
Country of Origin USA, UK, Ireland, Canada
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10
Running Time ca. 45 min.
Channel Starz
Developed by Chris Chibnall, Michael Hirst
Starring Jamie Campbell Bower, Chipo Chung, Sinéad Cusack, Jamie Downey, Tamsin Egerton, Joseph Fiennes, Claire Forlani, Eva Green, Peter Mooney, Diarmaid Murtagh, Clive Standen, Philip Winchester 
Guest Stars Worth Mentioning Sebastian Koch, James Purefoy


In order to prevent Britain from chaos after King Uther's (Sebastian Koch) unexpeted death, the sorcerer Merlin (Joseph Fiennes) seeks out Uther's illegitimate son, the young and naive Arthur (Jamie Campbell Bower), to prepare him for kingship and eventually install him on the throne. Arthur's half-sister, the embittered Morgan Pendragon (Eva Green), has to settle a score with Uther and his male offspring. She yearns for revenge as well as the crown and does not shy away from using sinister magic powers to overthrow Arthur and his loyal court. 


Yay or Nay? 

A fresh take on the Arthurian legends featuring lovely landscapes, likeable characters and a good number of intriguing female core figures which makes for a worthwhile watch. Unfortunately, the network Starz cancelled the show after its first season, letting it end with a cliffhanger. Fans of historical dramas with elements of the supernatural should still give it a try, though.

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